While on Lanta, you will no doubt see many advertisements for tours and excursions.  We contacted our property manager, Nick, who owns LantaSita Travel and had him sort out a private charter for the much advertised 4 Islands tour.  The reason we went private versus going with a group is that we have young children and we were able to have control over the day, rather than having to stay with the group.  The cost was 5,500 baht – a great price to have the boat to ourselves.

The company picked us up at the villa in the morning and then we drove to the other side of the island, where we boarded our boat at the mangrove docks.  It took us just over an hour to get to the first island, Ko Cheuak where we did some snorkelling in a little bay.

Our next stop was Ko Mook.  We honestly had no idea what to expect, as we were told that we would be swimming in the caves.  We didn’t know that it would only be 1 cave, or that it would be pitch black (don’t worry, our guide had a headlamp!), but the highlight wasn’t swimming in the actual cave, it was what was lay at the exit of the cave:  a breathtaking lagoon.  We were able to hang out there for about a half hour – the kids loved it!

Ko Ngai was the perfect ending to our day.  We stopped to have lunch and then enjoyed a few hours on the white powdery beach before returning home.  We were able to take in the magnificent limestone islands that dotted the Andaman while swimming in the turquoise water surrounding the island.

We thoroughly enjoyed our day exploring the islands.  We had one more island to snorkel at on the way home, but the tide had sunk so low it was impossible to do so.  Nevertheless, the three islands that we did see that day were enough for us to leave feeling like we got our money’s worth.